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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Join My Community Today for a Chance To Win $100.00

Ok, I'm serious about growing MyBlogLog Community, so I'm going to change things around a little. Earlier in the week I posted a contest on one of my other blogs about a contest where you can earn chances to win 10,000 credits at Well, I have now decided to add a cash jackpot of $100.00 to the winner of this contest. The winner of the contest will be randomly chosen by a member of my front desk on December 1st, and they will receive $100.00 by Paypal + 10,000 credits on Remember, you don't have to win to benefit from this. You will still receive credits on just for entering.

Here is more information on the contest.

How to Enter
Make sure you’re logged into your MyBlogLog account (or create one if you don’t have one yet). Then head to my member page at Click on each of my communities and join each one. For each one you join, you will get 1500 credits on + 1 entry into the contest. is one of my best performing sites and is advertised on google adwords, so this is a great opportunity to gain some exposure for your websites. Simply register at and then post about my contest in your blog, (linking to this page), and I’ll give you 3000 more credits on blog must be established to the extent that I can tell you didn’t just create it to get more credits). You will get 1 more entry into the contest if you link to this page. If you post about my contest on your blog, post a comment here to let me know and I will deposit your credits into your account and put your entries into the drawing..

How to win
This contest runs from right this second until November 30th, 2007. On December 1st, a member of my front desk will choose a winner at random and I will announce that winner here (so subscribe to my RSS feed, too). One lucky person will be randomly chosen to receive an additional 10,000 credits on plus the $100.00 jackpot via Paypal.

Other info
If anyone tries to cheat in any way, they forfeit any entries.

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