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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Crockpot Cooking

Well, the weather in Florida has finally cooled down a little so it's time for me to start cooking in the crockpot again. I love my crockpot because I love walking into a great smelling house after a long days work and not having to worry about cooking dinner. Tomorrow, I am going to make a pot roast with sauerkraut and carrots. I do not add anything to it other than a little seasoned salt for taste, so the only carbs that I will be eating are what will be in the carrots and sauerkraut.
I can't wait.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


For the last 6 weeks or so, I have been suffering from severe headaches, dizziness and just feeling really woozy at times. I kind of attributed it to my diet because that is the biggest change that I have made. I had also been seeing on the boards that other Kimkins dieters had been experiencing the same thing. So I thought, OK, I just need to add more fat back into my diet and eat more and I will be ok. Well, I did that but it never really went away. It actually seemed to be getting worse. When I went to New Smyrna on Monday for the mystery Shop, my friend Chantelle drove. During that drive, I got dizzy three times. I had not gotten dizzy while I was driving, so I thought this is weird. Well, I struggled with it for a couple more days all the while the headache was getting worse. It made me think that I had some of these symptoms before when I had sinus infections. Well, to make a long story short, I went to a Quick Care Clinic on Thursday morning and guess what? I do have a sinus infection! It's not my diet, woo hoo!! I started taking anitbiotics and I am already feeling better. I slept 10 1/2 hours last night and it was awesome. Moral of the story. Listen to your body and don't make conclusion. See a Doctor, right away if you are experiencing any issue with your health. I don't have insurance other than AmeriPlan, so I didn't want to spend the money. I actually made it worse by dragging it out for as long as I did and I could have been better weeks ago if I just listened to my body..

Follow the Rainbow Diet

Follow the rainbow diet and lose weight. Ok, so it's not officially a diet, but there are plenty of reasons to follow the rainbow, especially when picking out fruits and vegetables. The secret to ensuring that your body gets the necessary nutrients lies in following an eating regimen that's rich in color. There's a wealth of health benefits associated with these bright hues. Foods that are blue or purple (eggplant, blueberries) lower the risk of cancers and improve memory and urinary tract health. Green fruits and vegetables (kiwi, spinach) promote good vision and strong bones and teeth while also preventing some cancers. Red foods (tomatoes, cherries) improve heart health and memory and lower the risk of cancers. Yellow or orange fruits and vegetables boost the immune system, improve heart health and promote good vision. Make it a habit and get some color. Found on Choose Your

I think this is really good advice and actually works for a low carb diet. Blueberries are not allowed in the induction phase but are allowed in later phases of most low carb diets and I certainly intend to add them when I get to that point. I have been adding spinach to my diet because it higher in fiber than some of the other veggies. One of my favorite snacks is spinach and mozzarella egg muffins. Yummy! As far as yellow fruits and veggies about the only thing that I can think of that we could eat on a low carb diet is squash but I'm sure there's more things out there that I'm not aware of. Unfortunately, I'm not a big veggie eater which is partly how I got in this situation. It looks like I need to take another look at my food lists and see what else I can add.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm so Happy!

My ticker has started moving again and I really think it's due to all of the changes that I have made. I did really well yesterday, just like I used to do when I was on Kimkins. I guess I must have lost my motivation, but I think I've found it again. Yeah!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who is watching The Biggest Loser?

I was wondering who is watching The Biggest Loser? I have not watched it before this year, but now that I'm trying to lose weight I'm really interested in seeing other people do it. Here is the lowdown on The Biggest Loser Diet and Exercise Plan.

The Biggest Loser Diet -
Find Out How Biggest Loser's Kai
Lost 118 Pounds! Start this Diet Now

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Low carb ketogenic diets.: An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants To Lose Up To 20 Pounds In 30 Days The 'Low Carb' Way

Low carb ketogenic diets.: An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants To Lose Up To 20 Pounds In 30 Days The 'Low Carb' Way Here's a great article that I found on a fellow low carb dieter's website. There are tons of great recipes and menu ideas.

Mystery Shop at Shells Seafood

Well, I did my mystery shop last night at Shells Seafood in New Smyrna Beach. I have only been there a couple of times usually when my parents are in town, so this was a real treat. This was a bar and dining room shop so I had to order the works. We ordered a fabulous strawberry coconut pina colada in the bar and then had a fabulous dinner in the dining room. It was so yummy, it's hard to believe that I actually make money doing this. :) I even did ok with my menu choices except for the strawberry pina colada and the few bites of chocolate cake. Oh well, it was worth it.

This is definitely not Low Carb

Another testament to gluttony:

Hardee's presents the Country Breakfast Burrito.

Total Calories: 920
Carbohydrates: 51g
Protein: 42g
Fat: 60g
Saturated Fat: 23g
Cholesterol: 500mg
Sodium: 1970mg

I always thought that 'wraps' were a healthier choice, but definitely not when they are loaded down with hash browns and sausage gravy. Hardee's love to make this sort of thing. Chow down on the Monster Thickburger with Fries and Coke and you take in 2200 Calories. This is part of why there is such a problem with obesity in America. You take something like this and promote it, and it makes people think that this is an acceptable food choice. If they wanted to do something healthy they could have opted to leave out the hash browns and sausage gravy. But then again, it wouldn't draw controversy so that wouldn't work.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Costume

My hotel is participating in a Halloween Block Party, and I have my employees dressing up in costumes for the event. I want to dress up too, but I don't know what I should wear. It's hard to find costumes in my size, so I really need to try to put something together on my own rather than buying a costume at the store. Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things I did differently this week...

Well, this week I tried to focus more on cooking at home and dining out less. I think it helped, because I started losing again. I added EAS Chocolate Shakes and Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas into my diet and I think that both of those have helped me significantly. The shakes really helped me to lose my chocolate craving, so I am grateful for that. Well, this week I will continue with the chocolate shakes and cooking at home and hopefully by the end of the week I will be down at least 4 pounds. Next week the 4-H fair begins and I will be required to work a booth to represent my hotel. This will make following the diet really hard, but I am sure that if I plan ahead that I will succeed. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here is my latest picture

Well, here is my latest picture taken this weekend while we were in Melbourne. As you can see, I have really not lost any more weight and I'm getting frustrated. I have not been as focused as I was in the beginning and I can't blame that on anyone but me, so I have to change my way of thinking. In the beginning, I was totally motivated and I was cooking at home all of the time. Well, in the last few weeks, I have reverted back to my old habits of eating most of my meals out. Obviously, this does not work at all so I am going to focus on cooking more and dining out less. The extra money that I save will pay the $30 a month that I used last night to sponsor a World Vision Child. See my other blog, for details on how you can donate to World Vision and hopefully make the Holidays brighter for a young child.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, I just got home from my weekend trip to Melbourne Florida. I went with three of my good friends to celebrate the Libra birthdays. It was a very nice, relaxing trip that consisted mainly of eating, drinking, and laying out at the pool. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Oceanfront Resort, and it was a nice hotel but definitely not what I'm used to when I think of Crowne Plaza because it is considerably older and had exterior entrances. I did get an employee rate of $59, so it was still a great value. We had dinner at a sushi restaurant and then a couple of drinks at a little beachside bar. It was nice to get away, but even nicer to come back. Oh well, it's back to reality tomorrow.

I totally went off diet and had pancakes for breakfast yesterday and Teriyaki chicken with fried rice for dinner last night. It was great, but the diet starts back up first thing tomorrow.

While laying out, I did start reading the book that was recommended to me by Jimmy Moore. It lists most of the well known low carb diets, and gives a review of them according to star rating. Very interesting reading.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Low Carb Meatloaf~What a wonderful idea!

Making Meatloaf Low in Carbs as featured on

Meatloaf seems to conjure up the phrase "comfort food" without even trying. Everyone's mother or grandmother seems to make the "best" meatloaf, and there are so many variations you could have a different one every night of the year. These are the basics to making a meatloaf, with variations for low-carb eaters.

There are four components to the basic meatloaf: The meat, the seasonings, the "filler" and the sauce. Any one of them can be varied to suit your own tastes. Then you can put your name on your very own meatloaf recipe!

Let's take the components one at a time:
The Meat
Meatloaf can be made out of any kind of ground meat. Ground beef is traditional, but there is no reason you can't use turkey or any other kind. "Meatloaf mix," which is available in some stores, is a combination of beef, pork, and veal.

Many recipes include sausage (taken out of the "skin"). Any meat is fine; however, it's best to avoid very fatty meats as they will release a whole lot of grease. Most meatloafs have 1 ½ to 2 ½ lbs. of meat for a standard loaf pan.

The Seasonings
The seasonings can vary depending upon your taste and adventurousness. Meatloaf can be made Italian style, Mexican style, or plain American style. It can be flavored with anything from wine to hot sauce to curry powder. Garlic is a favorite, as is Worcestershire sauce and ketchup (though low-carb eaters will want to watch the sugar in regular ketchup).

The Filler
Just ground meat can be very dense, plus it won't hold as much juice. Usually meatloaf is mixed with some kind of starch such as bread or oatmeal to absorb the juices and make it less dense, about ½ cup of filler per pound of meat. Vegetables such as spinach, onion, mushrooms, or green peppers also make the loaf less dense, as well as add flavor. Fruit such as chopped apple or applesauce is not an unusual addition, adding juiciness as well as a sweet counterpoint to the savory loaf.

On low-carb diets, starchy fillers are discouraged, especially bread crumbs. It is perfectly fine to just leave it out. But if you do this, know that you'll have to drain the excess grease and juices, or form it on a baking sheet instead of in a loaf pan. Here are some low-carb ideas for fillers for meat loaf:
low-carb bread crumbs
possibly oatmeal (not instant), depending on carb allowance
dried vegetables such as onion, tomato, and mushrooms, or dried soup mix (count carbs -- can't use in the same quantities as other fillers)
Fresh or frozen vegetables such as spinach and others listed above will make the loaf less dense, but not absorb juice
crushed pork rinds
Carb Counters Instant Mashers
Thicken Thin NOTcereal and/or NOT sugar
Putting the Loaf Together
In addition to the filler, egg is usually used as binder, usually 1 per loaf does the trick. Some say that more interferes with the texture.

Your hands are the best tools for mixing up a meatloaf, but don't overdo it. The heat from your hands will melt the fat and give the loaf a gummier texture.

The Sauce or Topping
Though a topping for the meatloaf isn't a requirement, it is common. Most popular are some sort of tomato-based sauce such as ketchup, barbeque sauce, tomato sauce or paste, or my childhood favorite, piquant sauce. Mushroom gravies are also common. Bacon is another topping that a lot of people like.

I like to put tomato-based sauces on about 10 to 15 minutes before the end of cooking. I would add gravies after the meatloaf is on the plate.
How to Make a Low-carb Gravy

Cooking the Loaf
Though we usually think of meatloaves as being in large loaf pans, they will cook faster if divided up into small loaf pans or even muffin cups. At 350 F, the muffin cups will cook in 15 to 20 minutes, as compared to an hour or more in a large loaf pan. Some say that cooking it longer at 325 F will create and improved texture. In any case, when the middle is 155 F, the meatloaf is done.

It's also fun to make meatloaf in different shapes on a baking sheet. Hearts are popular, or see the cat above for real creativity!

Now, let your imagination run wild, and let us know what you come up with!

Sounds yummy to me! I'm going to Melbourne this weekend for a girls weekend, but when I get home I'm going to give it a try.

Funny Friday Picture

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turn Snacktime Into A Solid Business

Combine snack time with business and you've got a winner and a great way to create additional income from home $12/month.

* Premium Jerky delivered each and every month.
* Jerky of the Month or the flavor you like best.
* Change your flavor as many times as you like.
* Your own FREE replicating Jerky Direct website.

Plus, jerky makes a great low carb snack.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eat To Lose Before and After Workouts

Eating just the right thing before lifting weights or jumping on the elliptical trainer can keep you energized until the end. What you eat "depends on how hard and how long you're exercising," says Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Nutrition for Women. Here are her surprisingly easy ways to fuel your muscles before different workouts and--pant, pant--help you recover after you've worked your butt off.
A solid aerobics session--30-60 minutes

"A small liquid snack 5 minutes before a run, step session, or power yoga class turns into fuel almost immediately," says Somer. Let these rules be your guide:

1. Keep it light (under 200 calories) for faster digestion.

2. The less time you have to eat before exercising, the less you eat. You don't want stuff sloshing about in your tummy as you move.

3. Skip juice blends or energy drinks that list high-fructose corn syrup or glucose gels on the label. Both heavy-hitter sweeteners can make blood sugar levels plummet mid-workout.

A few 200-calorie-and-under suggestions:

A make-it-yourself 8 ounce fruit and low-fat yogurt smoothie or one of Dannon's Light & Fit ready-to-drink fruit smoothies
Carnation No Sugar Added Instant Breakfast drink made with a cup of skim milk or light soymilk
A 6 oz. glass of OJ and 2 graham crackers

To re-hydrate and keep your blood sugar stable, have some water and:

A low-fat granola or energy bar
A cup of low-sodium chicken noodle soup
A piece of fruit or a small bunch of grapes

Hit-the-wall aerobics--60 minutes or more

You want a snack that keeps muscles supplied with a steady flow of glucose. "Just as a car sputters to a stop when it runs out of gas, you 'hit the wall' or 'bonk' if your glucose supplies are drained. Once that happens, no snack will fuel you fast enough to finish the workout," warns Somer. Before you go all out, have some:

1. Water to ward off dehydration, especially when it's hot.

2. Easy-to-digest, high-quality carbs that leave your GI track quickly and supply enough glucose to fuel a long workout.

3. Protein from yogurt, milk, soymilk, or nuts to offset a rapid drop in blood sugar from eating those carbs.

4. Foods that are light (again, 200 calories) and low-fat to avoid digestive problems. If your energy dips or your legs become shaky, eat more the next time until you hit on the right amount.

Good carb-protein combos:

Half a 4 oz. whole-wheat bagel with 1 tbsp. low-fat cream cheese
A small slice of last night's vegetarian pizza or 2/3 cup leftover spaghetti with marinara sauce
1 stick of low-fat string cheese, 1 medium pear, and 3 whole-grain crackers

Recover with more water and a 100 calorie, all-carb snack, such as:

50 pretzel sticks
1/2 cup Breyer's Double Churn Fat-Free Caramel Swirl ice cream
Half a baked potato topped with 2 tbsp. salsa

Up to 60 minutes of gentle yoga, stretching, or tai chi


A pre-workout snack isn't essential for low-sweat activities--say, an hour of yin yoga or a stretch class. But if you're hungry, try a banana for potassium and 2 graham crackers for carbs. Wash it down with some water.


All you'll need is more water.

Semi-tough strength training--30-45 minutes

Carbs with a dash of protein is your fuel of choice. Only serious body builders and weight lifters who pump for more than 45 minutes at least three days a week need extra protein--"most people get plenty," says Somer.

If you're borderline hard-core, try these 200 to 250 calorie protein-laced snacks:

Half a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread and a piece of fruit
A handful of trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, and seeds)
3 whole-grain crackers with 1 Tbsp. peanut butter and 6 oz. of V8 juice

Re-hydrate with water and have the other half of that turkey sandwich--the protein helps repair and build muscles.

For the average gym rat who does 30 minutes of weight training two or three times a week, just have a high-carb snack 10 minutes or so before you start:

Plain, nonfat yogurt mixed with berries or applesauce
1 tbsp. nut butter and a sliced 1/2 banana on a 10" whole-wheat tortilla, all rolledup burrito-style
1 small (2 oz.) carrot-raisin muffin and a 6 oz. glass of OJ

An all-day hike, cross-country ski or snowshoe trek

To build your glycogen stores, plan ahead.
1. For a day or two prior to your outing, eat high-carb meals of whole-wheat pasta or brown rice dishes.
2. Drink ample fluids, too--at least 10 cups a day. Before setting out, have a substantial high-carb meal of pancakes or waffles with fruit.
3. In addition to lunch, pack a couple of energy bars, dried fruit-and-nut mix to nibble every 2 hours.
4. Regularly sip water or sports drinks; don't wait until you get thirsty.


(Soak in the hot tub!) And keep drinking water. Have a high-carb snack such as a muffin, popcorn, pretzels, or hot cocoa and a graham cracker.


Not only will exercising regularly burn off all those snacks and more but it can make your RealAge as much as nine--yes, nine--years younger. And your body inches trimmer.


This article was originally posted on Yahoo Food, but I thought it was interesting that what you eat makes a difference in how you burn fat. There are some definite low carb options in there, such as the Dannon Lite and Fit Smoothies(Carb and Sugar Control Option) and Low Fat String Cheese. I am certainly going to give this a try with my walking routine.

Friday, October 5, 2007

There's a man in my coffee beans!

Hey, waiter, there's a man in my coffee beans! Yes, there is a man there all right. Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, then your right half of your brain is better developed than most people. Find him in between 3 seconds and 1 minute, and it means your right half of the brain is developed normally but if you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then it is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein. But you really do need more time to find a real good man. Perhaps, a lifetime.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

See how Fergie reportedly lost 20 pounds...

Here is a scanned article from Life & Style Magazine telling how Fergie apparently lost 20 pounds on a diet that seems to be fairly low in calories and carbs and high in fiber. After the Kimkins fiasco, I have been looking for some menu options that will allow me to add some additional fiber into my diet. I think I might give this a try but still try to keep my carbs as low possible.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

6 Diets To AVOID~by Joy Bauer M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

When it comes to losing weight, everyone's in search of a magic bullet. But don't fall for the hype. Unfortunately, there's no short-term fix for long lasting weight loss.

So learn to identify these six red flags:

1. Diets that promote or promise drastic weight loss.

When you start a diet, you can potentially drop a lot of weight during the first two weeks (some of which will be water weight). However, if you lose more than two pounds per week in the weeks that follow, you run the risk of losing "muscle mass," and your metabolism will slow down in response. That's why true health experts advocate losing weight slowly and gradually - so you melt away fat while sparing precious muscle.

2. Diets that claim to work because of special supplements, creams, or potions - no diet or exercise required!

Or diets that make you buy mega supplements in order to follow the program. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

3. Diets that differ entirely from the way you currently eat (or like to eat).

If a plan is incompatible with your lifestyle, chances are slim you'll stick with it.

4. Diets that are less than 1,000 calories.

Too difficult to sustain and can often leave you cranky, irritable, and with a bad headache. Not to mention hungry and lethargic.

5. Diets that claim they are effortless.

There's no such animal. Losing weight takes focus and effort. Period.

6. Diets that cut out entire food groups, or focus on only a few foods.

Not realistic for the long haul; the sign of a plan you're soon to go off.