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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Follow the Rainbow Diet

Follow the rainbow diet and lose weight. Ok, so it's not officially a diet, but there are plenty of reasons to follow the rainbow, especially when picking out fruits and vegetables. The secret to ensuring that your body gets the necessary nutrients lies in following an eating regimen that's rich in color. There's a wealth of health benefits associated with these bright hues. Foods that are blue or purple (eggplant, blueberries) lower the risk of cancers and improve memory and urinary tract health. Green fruits and vegetables (kiwi, spinach) promote good vision and strong bones and teeth while also preventing some cancers. Red foods (tomatoes, cherries) improve heart health and memory and lower the risk of cancers. Yellow or orange fruits and vegetables boost the immune system, improve heart health and promote good vision. Make it a habit and get some color. Found on Choose Your

I think this is really good advice and actually works for a low carb diet. Blueberries are not allowed in the induction phase but are allowed in later phases of most low carb diets and I certainly intend to add them when I get to that point. I have been adding spinach to my diet because it higher in fiber than some of the other veggies. One of my favorite snacks is spinach and mozzarella egg muffins. Yummy! As far as yellow fruits and veggies about the only thing that I can think of that we could eat on a low carb diet is squash but I'm sure there's more things out there that I'm not aware of. Unfortunately, I'm not a big veggie eater which is partly how I got in this situation. It looks like I need to take another look at my food lists and see what else I can add.

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