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Friday, May 13, 2011

My menu items for the week

This week has been pretty good as far as my weight and inch loss. I am down another 2 pounds since Monday and still feeling good. I have tried to walk a couple times this week, but with the weather(it's been over 90) and my schedule, it's been a little difficult.

My menu items for this week have consisted of the following:

93% Fat Free Ground Beef
Shrimp Cocktail-(I use a tiny little bit of cocktail sauce even though I know it has a little sugar in it. It's less than a teaspoon that I use.)
Petite Sirloin-Fat trimmed off
Gortons Grilled Tilapia
KFC Grilled Chicken

My veggies for the week were green beans, spinach, and mushrooms.
My fruit for the week was apples and strawberries.

All in all a very good week, and I'm looking forward to continuing my loss over the weekend. Hopefully I will get a chance to walk a little more.

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