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Monday, December 3, 2007

Mini Taco Bowls

I found this recipe today on Yahoo and it looks so good, I just had to post it. It says that it is only 3 carbs, but I don't know how that could be. I would use the Whole Wheat tortillas to bring the carb count down as much as possible. I love Mexican Food and it is the hardest thing for me to stay away from, so I eat taco meat and cheese at least once a week. I think this would be great for a change, plus it still looks relatively healthy. You can also substitute shredded chicken for an even lighter meal.


2. 1 pound extra lean ground beef
4. 1/2 cup KRAFT 2% Milk Shredded Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese
5. 2 cups chopped lettuce
6. 1 cup chopped tomatoes
7. 1/4 cup KRAFT Ranch Dressing

Nutrition Info

Per Serving

* Calories: 323 kcal
* Carbohydrates: 3 g (I think this seems a little low)
* Dietary Fiber: 0 g
* Fat: 22 g
* Protein: 26 g
* Sugars: 2 g

Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Microwave tortillas on HIGH 30 sec. or until softened. Press 1 tortilla into each of eight medium muffin cups to form a bowl. Carefully fold edges of tortilla back to keep an opening for the filling. Bake 10 min.
2. Meanwhile, brown meat in large skillet on medium heat; drain. Stir in salsa; bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 10 min. Spoon about 1/4 cup of the meat mixture into each tortilla bowl.
3. Top evenly with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Drizzle with dressing.

Yield: 4 servings


Ladyred56 said...

I looked up the carb count for these flour tortillas and they are 38 gms. The 3 gm might be the filling count.

I use Mama Lupe's low carb tortillas the regular size have 3 gm Net carbs.

Oh.2.B.Fit said...

What a GREAT idea!!!
I think I'm going to try making them with "Flatout wraps". They're low carb and yummy. I like the idea of making a cup in a muffin tin :)
I was going to make tacos tomorrow night so I may just try this.
I was going to make cheese shells, but these look too cute :)