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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Post from Kimkins Newsletter

Many of you have seen Kimkins member, Christin, on the cover of Woman's World magazine! We thought you'd enjoy a few candid shots from her glamourous Hollywood photo shoot!
Woman's World really rolled out the Red Carpet for this sweet Texas gal who lost 100 pounds in 5 months!
WW flew Christin and her husband to Hollywood where they were met at the airport by a limo! Then a whirlwind experience with hair stylist, fashion stylist, makeup artist and photographer before finally catching her breath at her deluxe hotel suite!
And the cherry on top? WW let Christin keep a pair of brand new designer jeans that were easily worth over $200! (See Christin relaxing in those size 4s on the couch!) Size 4!!!

Exercise, Ketones & Kimkins!

We’re excited to welcome long time friend, KimATC, as the new fitness and training expert at Kimkins!
She’ll be fielding your training questions at the The Work Out Zone forum for Kimkins members.
Kim has years of experience as a high school and collegiate level certified athletic trainer and is currently working on a research project at a major children's hospital.
Exercise, Ketones & Kimkins
by Kim ATC

There has been a misconception warning (that also seems to have surfaced again recently) that exercising while in ketosis was dangerous.

Once again it is a ploy to scare people away from low carb eating. The fact is, anyone who exercises will be producing ketones.

The body can only store a finite amount of glycogen in the muscles and in the liver. When we first start to exercise, those glycogen stores are used as fuel. After about twenty minutes of exercise, all of those stores are depleted and the body switches over to fat stores as a fuel source.

This happens to everyone! High carber and low carber alike.

As a lowcarber, we have less glycogen stores and reach fat burning much quicker. Once fat is being used to fuel your exercise, ketones will be produced and excreted. So, not only is it safe, but it is normal human physiology!

Since lowcarbers are in fat burning mode almost immediately when they exercise, Kimkinites who have had some exercise will really melt those pounds away.

Don’t let the naysayers try to scare you away from something we know works!
Yours in health,


MS Sports Medicine, MS Biomechanics
BS Athletic Training, BS Sociology

This post was pulled directly from the Kimkins website to show exactly what can be achieved with the Kimkins weight loss plan.

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