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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Week of Biggest Loser Contest

Well, as the last week of the Biggest Loser contest comes to an end, I find myself a little worried about my future progress. I honestly feel that without the support from the other people on my team, that I might cave when things get to tough. Those of us on the Green Team, have been talking about getting together once a week even after it's over so that we still have the weigh in experience as well as the support from team members. For me it is all about accountability, and that means regular weigh ins so that I can see if my weight is starting to fluctuate in a bad way. Last week I skipped the weigh in, so I don't think that I will win the Biggest Loser prize of the FREE Cruise, but I still think I might be somewhere in the Top 5. Even with my parents here, I still managed to lose a couple of pounds.

So for those of you on a weight loss journey, we will begin weighing in here every Wednesday and as time progresses I will announce contests for the Biggest Losers. This Wednesday will be our initial weigh in and while I am sure we will probably have a fairly small turnout, I'm sure that as time goes on more people will join in. I'll keep you posted more on that.

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